viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010


Biennale 2010 is an installation made by Kollision  in collaboration with BIG and CAVI and is curated by DAC. The installation is an experience-oriented narrative of Copenhagen's past, present and possible future exhibited at the 12th international architecture exhibition in Venice. The installation is referred to as "1947-2047: From Finger Plan two Loop City" and is a seven minutes visual tour the force of diagrams, fly-through on 3D projected scenarios. Kollision has primarily been responsible for the 3D workflow and production, BIG for the content and CAVI for programming and technical implementation.


As a visitor at the exhibition you will experience dynamic pictures, movies and texts brought alive by projecting them onto the walls of the installation, as well as 3D content 3D projected on a podium and a centrally placed scale-model of a section of a bridge. The physical surfaces of the walls and the scale-model are illuminated by three full HD projectors. The precise match and calibration between the projection and the physical setup, results in an optical 3D illusion of the scale model slowly becoming alive by having details added to it and in combination with people and cars moving around the bridge together with water running in canals , trees and buildings popping up, etc.


The installation is part of a larger exhibition in the Danish pavilion – "Q & A: Urban Ques _ Copenhagen Answers" which discus Copenhagen as an answer to new urban challenges.


The storyline and content of the installation is based on "Loop City" a vision developed by BIG, Tom Nielsen, ReD Associates and ARUP. The 3D fly-through sequence is conducted by Glessner Group and the very installation is sponsored by Realdania.

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